ProMEET#24 in Kraków

1 min read

The 24th edition of ProMEET is now behind us. Last Thursday we met with the IT community interested in AWS and microservices. At the Metaforma Cafe, we listened to Bartosz Żurkowski and Marcin Natanek.
Their presentations gave us a great insight into these topics.

Bartek answered the following questions: Where to find the microservice you need to send an inquiry to? What to do when another microservice is not responding? How can you balance the motion between multiple instances in the microservice? How can you enter a new version without disrupting the entire system? How can you diagnose and neutralise problems in a complex service network? He also demonstrated the Istio solution in the context of implementation in the Kubernetes environment.

Marcin Natanek explained how he completed the database scheme, backend and frontend, which allowed him to scale his microservice to millions of users. In the beginning, everything worked, but only on his laptop and there was nowhere to implement it.

The next edition of ProMEET will take place soon. We warmly invite you to attend!
You can find photos from this event on our FB.