NBC hosts ProMEET#23 in Katowice

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Last Thursday the IT community in Katowice took part in another event organized by NBC.

Once again, we met in the Central Zone Pub to listen to 2 great speakers: Rafał Bazarnik  (Test Engineer) and Michał Chytroszek (Quality Assurance).
In his speech, Rafał referred to the fact that in the world of automation, the Javascript-based stack is treated with extreme caution and is not very popular. This is  due to inconvenient tools.

Fortunately, a new alternative has emerged in recent years. It is the Cypress framework, which in addition to its rich capabilities, offers many facilities for creating, running and most importantly, debugging automated tests.
In his presentation, Michał pointed out that a great boom for test automation has been taking place for several years.

Selenium reigns in job offers. For testers making their first steps in automated tests, UI tests may seem to be the only correct path.

Where has the test pyramid got lost in all this? Have we not replaced arduous manual regression with unstable automatic UI tests? Why not take a step backwards and test some cases at the API call level? These types of questions have to be confronted by testers in their daily work.
During the meeting, we tried to analyze these cases together.