Is excellent communication highly demanded for your project? Would you like your remote team blended into the culture of your organization? If the answers are yes, then this unique hybrid model of cooperation might be right for you.

This model allows you to have one developer from the outsourced team (with at least 5 specialists) at your office working as a bridge between your company and the remote team members. Feel assured that within the project, you will have excellent and precise communication with all team  members.

Thanks to the on-site model, you will receive not only the technical competencies, but also a blended team with your company culture and expectations.

What will you gain?

  • You will have the team blended with your organization culture
  • You will avoid communication problems and misunderstandings
  • You will carry out your project with maximum efficiency
  • You will have all the rest of outsourcing benefits like lower employment costs and bureaucracy

When is our hybrid model best for you?

  • When blending organization culture is as crucial for you as the technical competencies
  • When close cooperation and excellent communication is vital for you
  • When you are afraid of outsourcing IT team in off-site model

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