What we have

One meeting, a lot of possibilities

Not sure if the position you`ve applied for is right for you? No worries! At our first meeting, we will happily take on board your preferences in order to find the best option together.

Projects which fits you perfectly

We want you to be happy about your job. That’s why we focus on your project expectations to find the one that keeps you going.

Positive vibes

We love people with passion. That’s why we proudly support them when they run marathons, help animals or organize some programming classes for children. Have another idea? No problem, tell us all about it!

A culture of knowledge sharing

We value team spirit as it's a core value of ours, but we also want you to build your personal brand. That’s why we encourage all of our specialists to share knowledge with each other.

What we don't have

No burnout

Are you worn out working on your current project? Not on our watch! You can always come to us, and we'll find you an alternative option

No skills matrix

For us, you are not a sum of your skills in Excel. We encourage you to think about your future personal development, and we plan your own path with you.

No overworked zombies

We know that life is not only about work! That’s why we promise to do our best to avoid any overtime.

No stiff, corporate policies

We`ve all experienced or heard about silly policies that disregard common sense solutions. We believe in common sense:)

Who are we looking for?

NBC Life



For years, we have been actively building a community of practitioners and enthusiasts of the IT industry – people who care about professional development, establishing new contacts and sharing their own experience with others.
ProMEET is a series of meetings organized in the largest cities of Poland, which provide an excellent platform for the exchange of information and experience on technological novelties, good practices as well as technical topics related to programming or testing.



We also spend good time together AFTER WORK.
We try to get to know our colleagues not only from the professional side. Each meeting is a chance to build a lasting relationship.
Going to the cinema, bowling, trips around the city, competitions, sumo tournaments, magician shows, running together – the options are unlimited!
What’s more, everyone can submit their idea for the evening, and we will do it together.

We guarantee you will never be bored with us!



Why is it worth helping? Because we believe that good returns!

From the beginning of our activity, we have been trying to support various charity campaigns and social initiatives.
We not only help others but also integrate all employees during each project. Nothing unites us more than acting for a right cause!

Charity runs, support for animal shelters or programming for the youngest are just some of our initiatives in which we are involved.

Are you ready to start a new project?
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International Sales Manager

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Account & New Business Manager