Team extension

Bespoke solutions at your fingertips!

If you’re looking for specific specialists to fill in blind spots or an entire team to work on long-lasting projects, we can help!

As an integral part of the IT Community in Poland, we can quickly find the exact people who will cover your project needs. With the right competencies, skills, motivation and needed experience to help you deliver your projects.

There is no need for you to waste resources on recruiting – We will do all that for you, at no cost of your own.

Software Projects

Building software is something that keeps us going!

Whether it’s a start-up idea, corporate project or legacy system that needs handling, we aim to build motivated, high performing teams to support your next big thing.

It really doesn’t matter at what stage you are right now, we’ve got the skills and experience to assist you. From the idea stage with the help of UX Designers and Digital Product Owners – to the final stage of the development with the help of experienced IT Architects, Developers, and QA specialists.

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Key Account Manager