We cooperate with a group of top programmers, designers and IT specialists throughout Poland.

    Our team is comprised of professionals – from specialists through to management. Our IT employee outsourcing service focuses on your needs and what is of central importance to you.


    We choose people who will be responsible for your IT projects in a swift and reliable manner.

    The process of sourcing and selecting candidates for a project has developed and improved over the years and is the reason why we are able to provide such people within a timeframe that meets your expections.


    We combine passion with professionalism.

    Our specialists have the possibility of selecting a project according to their preferences, experience and direction of development. Owing to the above, you can be certain that your project will be executed in a reliable and fully engaging manner.


    We design, program, test and manage.

    We cooperate with specialists on a global scale providing services in repeatable technologies, e.g. Java, PHP, JavaScript as well as those technologies that are only starting to conquer the market: Angular, DevOps, BigData and mobile technologies.


  • We are a company with over 10-years experience, employing over 200 specialists per year for the purposes of new projects. We are one of the leaders providing services in software development in Poland. We have 5 regional offices managing over 50 customers locally.
  • We are a team of 300 specialists including developers, designers, analysts, testers and administrators. We support business with dozens of sales representatives, recruiters and delivery specialists who can be at your service at any time.
  • Five local teams are responsible for sourcing professional staff for projects, which include top recruiters supported by a specialized search & selection team.
  • We follow our experience in sourcing and selecting employees. As many as 40% of our team members are experts. 45% are highly-qualified specialists.
  • We focus on IT. We originate from IT and our services are developed solely in the IT sector. Our knowledge and experience enables us to understand your needs and allows us to meet your expectations as well as the expectations of our specialists.


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    Body leasing allows for the selection the right specialists for your project.

    Specialists for customer development and project management will analyze your needs precisely. This will enable us to find specialists with proper skills and experience, as well as other desired competences. You make the selection – our professionals can work remotely or on-site at your company while executing a particular project. Our involvement, several years’ experience and full concentration on industry requirements will satisfy both cooperating parties.

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    TRY & HIRE

    Try and hire is a service combining the benefits of body leasing and employee staffing.

    Do you need to choose and employ a particular specialist? Sound difficult? We will take over all processes related to employment and monitor whether the service meets your expectations. We minimize the risk of selecting an improper person so that you skip the stage of finding and selecting candidates. After the basic period of service provision, you will have the chance to offer long-term cooperation to selected experts.

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    We will build a team of specialists for you.

    Are you looking for a tight-knit project team? We have a ready-made solution for you. We will select our best specialists and adjust their work to your operations. Thanks to this method we will be able to start work immediately, while you can observe the outcome. Team leasing comes with additional possibilities of expanding the team during the project, managed by a permanent NBC project manager. We work on-site as well as in our development centres.

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    TRY & HIRE

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  • asseco
  • gigaset
  • interia
  • onet
  • teleste
  • raiffeisen-polbank

    Asseco is the largest Polish IT company which we have been assisting for 4 years, providing services in various sectors, among others: Health, Gas and Energy. Our specialists create software in technologies such as Java, PHP and .net. In addition to development services, we provide services in the fields of BI for this client.


    Gigaset Communications is a German provider of communication technologies. You can find a Gigaset phone on the majority of our company's desks. We provided this client with services in several areas, both in software related fields: products developed using embedded technologies and infrastructure related fields, supporting the Gigaset team in the area of server administration.


    Interia.pl is a leading Polish web portal. NBC's specialists rendered their services as part of the Web Development team. The projects concerned the new version of selected websites owned by Interia.pl

  • ONET

    Dreamlab is a research and development centre focused on combining content and technology on multimedia platforms for Grupa Onet. Dreamlab develops systems and websites regularly used by 18 million* people. Onet, VOD, Nasza Klasa, Sympatia, Zumi, Newsweek, Plejada, Forbes – are the flagships of the Polish Internet. We have been working with Dreamlab by providing our skills in Python, JavaScript and mobile technologies.


    Teleste is a European leader in creating products for telecommunications operators and Video Security. Teleste systems handle, e.g. traffic control in Chicago, support security systems at the Helsinki airport.
    We have been working with Teleste since August 2014, mainly providing services in the area of Web Development.


    Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. has been operating on the Polish market since 1991. Almost 700 thousand customers use its services, including electronic banking. Our specialists have been providing development and maintenance services for systems in the field of electronic banking and the main banking system. We support the areas of testing, development as well as business analysis and project management.


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Regional offices

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